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Words I Can Never Say

There are words that are hard to hear: Topping the list are moist, luscious, and ointment.  Mother discouraged use of the word pants or its variants panties or underpants. We had to say slacks or jeans or underwear. She could never say bathroom or even restroom. When someone had to be excused to use the facilities, it was always to powder a nose — even for the menfolk. Talking in euphemisms was common. When my sister got pregnant, she had a bun in the oven. When someone unrelated to us passed away, we were told they kicked the bucket. To say that about a family member would’ve been cruel but about an acquaintance it was just a casual way to speak about the facts of life.  By the way, I may be one of the few people you know of who was literally told about the birds and the bees. It was a few years afterward I learned about sex. Read the rest of this entry »


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